Meet Gem Allard


From Humble Beginnings

Over 15 years ago at a kitchen worktop in Mayfield, founder Gem Allard started tinkering with an eBay advert that she needed to add an image to, but it was nowhere near as simple as it is today! It had to be done through the use of HTML (the backbone of web development) and this was the ‘spark moment’. Gem began wondering what else she could do with HTML…

After months of learning and honing her skillset, Gem began building websites for friends and family. Confident in her design and build ability, she decided that to be able to create a business that provided a full service she needed to learn how to ‘get websites higher in Google’ Cue training in search engine optimisation!

It all came together, and Gem launched her own website in the early 2000’s. Clients from a range of sectors came on board – Gem was in business! Over the years her client base became rich and diverse, she had many local businesses on her books as well as national brands such as Unilever (think PG Tips, Dove etc) and international publishing group, MMG.

Exclusively For Small Businesses

Whilst Gem enjoyed working with such a mix of clients and the places it took her, she found that her passion lied in helping new and small businesses. She loved being able to work closely with her clients, taking the time to get to know them and their business, and being able to add a personal touch in an industry where it so often got left behind. Not to mention the satisfaction of making a valuable difference to each and every business by helping them grow and flourish online.

Gem refocused the business and now works exclusively for small businesses. You’ll be glad to know she’s not still holed up in a kitchen in Mayfield! These days you’ll find Gem in her office in Connors Yard, just off Crowborough Hill.

Gem Allard

Over 15 years’ experience in web development, design and search engine optimisation. Google My Business and Analytics certified.

Committed to ongoing training and development to keep up with industry standards and changes, as well as emerging trends and strategies.


Our mission is to become the preferred supplier of professional, affordable website design and local SEO to small businesses in Sussex.

By being mindful and committed to these ideals we uphold our dedication to delivering a service that our clients will recommend and re-use.


Allard is built on a solid foundation of old fashioned values with a large twist of modern technology.

Through honesty, integrity, passion, simplicity and a resounding focus on success, Allard is a vibrant company that nurtures small businesses, so they can thrive and flourish online.